Tailor made services for your fleet

Car Fleet Management or service of vehicle fleet comprises a complex system with a range of activities and services which uses sophisticated advanced tools that allow for Fleet Expert to contribute to your vehicle fleet new added value.

Each vehicle in the fleet of a company has its lifetime: from the moment of defining the need for purchase, through the use of vehicle to the moment of sale, meaning replacement with new one.

This process can be stressful, time consuming and can generate unnecessary expenses and risks while at the same time not satisfying the needs of your business.


Fleet Expert's services can help you with troubles, cutting spending costs on multiple fronts: from lowering the expenses and considerably cutting down time spent whereby this added value makes your fleet work at higher efficiency to professionality and profitability of your business, which in and of itself raises the satisfaction of work performance.

For You, this whole process may be as simple as this:



Competent and experienced Fleet Expert team can tailor the set of services which will perfectly fit into Your needs and give Your vehicle fleet new value.