Istra (11)

Plot Barban, 5.539m2
Plot Barban, 6.765m2
Plot Duga Uvala, Marčana, 1.467m2
Marčana - Istria, weekend plot of 1467 m2 for sale!...
House Santalezi, Sveta Nedelja, 295m2
House Paz, Cerovlje, 200m2
Apartment Rovinj, 52m2
House Plomin, Kršan, 110m2
House Rapavel, Višnjan, 53m2
Plot Šušnjevica, Kršan, 10.091m2
Plot Tinjan, 27.000m2
Plot Štokovci, Svetvinčenat, 11.700m2
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